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Issuance Of A Permit For Special Fishing In Marine Waters


Director of Fisheries Service under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Order No. V1-64 of 29 April 2019



Item No.



1. Title of the administrative service Issuance of a permit for special fishing in marine waters.
2. Legislation governing the provision of the administrative service 2.1. Republic of Lithuania Law on Fisheries.

2.2.  Order No. 3D-630 of 24 November 2008 of Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania on “Approval of the rules for special fishing in marine waters“.

3. Information and documents to be provided by a person Application.

An applicant shall provide, in addition to the application for a permit, a copy of the agreement, concluded for the work with a legal or natural person who will engage in the special fishing, when such a fishing is not carried out by the applicant himself.

4. Information and documents to be received by the institution (an employee, dealing with the application) 4.1. Information on whether the applicant has submitted data on special fishing activities in accordance with the procedure defined, if he has previously been issued a permit for special fishing.

4.2. Information on whether the applicant has been fined for non-compliance with the legislation on special fisheries and has paid compensation for the damage caused to the fish stocks, if any.

4.3. Information on whether the applicant is not deprived of the permit for special fishing or the special fishing permit is not under suspension.

5. Provider of the administrative service Arunas Jonaitis, Senior specialist of the Fisheries compliance and enforcement division, tel. (8 700) 14 918, email: [email protected]
6. Head of the administrative service Alenas Bulauskis, Head of the Fisheries compliance and enforcement division, tel. (8 700) 14 915, email: [email protected]
7. Duration of the provision of the administrative service 10 business days.
8. Price of the administrative service (if the service is provided not free of charge) Fee – 18,00 EUR

State Tax Inspectorate,

„Swedbank“, bank code 73000,

acc.c.LT24 7300 0101 1239 4300,

DNB bank, bank code 40100,

acc.c.LT74 4010 0510 0132 4763,

SEB bank, bank code 70440,

acc.c.LT05 7044 0600 0788 7175,

Šiaulių bank, bank code 71800,

acc.c.LT32 7180 0000 0014 1038,

Danske Bank, bank code 74000,

acc.c. LT74 7400 0000 0872 3870,

Nordea Bank, bank code 21400,

acc.c.LT12 2140 0300 0268 0220,

Medicinos bank, bank code 72300,

acc.c. LT42 7230 0000 0012 0025,

Payment code 5760, Resolution No.1458 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 15 December 2000 “On the Approval of the list of objects of state fees and charges, their value and rules on payment and refund“.

9. Application form, example of filling in and application content The application shall be written in a free form. It shall include:

9.1. a fishing location (numbers of fishing units on the coastal waters, fishing areas in high seas);

9.2. a required catch by species (fishing for scientific research – stock status assessment or monitoring – number of days for fishing by species or number of times fishing gear was used can be indicated instead of catches by species);

9.3. the fishing purpose;

9.4. justification of the necessity of the work and the intended amount of fish to be caught;

9.5. intended fishing gear to be used (type, quantity, length, mesh size, number of hooks);

9.6. a preferred fishing time;

9.7. the names and positions of the persons,  responsible for fishing.

10. Sequence chart of the necessary actions to be taken in providing the administrative service Sequence chart.


Updated 2020-01-17